How Toughseal paint protection works

A two-part process that gives all paintwork a diamond-hard shine and offers protection from most harmful elements including ultra violet rays, fading, acid rain, peeling, frost, tree sap, insect acid, bird droppings, oxidisation (chalking), petrol and diesel fumes.

Step 1: All painted surfaces are exposed to a certain amount of sulphuric and nitric acids from the atmosphere, these cling to the paint in the form of oxides. Thoughseel’s Pre-Treatment enters the pores of the painted surface and effectively removes all foreign impurities.

Step 2: This now allows Toughseal’s sealant to bond chemically to the pores of the paintwork to seal and protect the now highly polished surface.

The high gloss finish remains wash after wash and wax polishing is not required ever again. It simply washes back time and time again.